Commission Forms

Education Provider Forms as of July 1, 2020

  • Most education forms have been replaced or updated to reflect Education law and rules effective July 1, 2020.
  • Some Education Provider forms are available here. Forms only needed by actively certified Education Providers, such as Form REC 3.72 Summary Report, are ONLY accessible and submittable via the secured Educator Provider Login.
Commission Courses
Basic Trust Account Procedures Course Registration Submit Online
Broker-in-Charge Course Registration Submit Online
Continuing Education
Request for CE Credit (Form REC 7.13)
Continuing Education Elective Course Approval Guidelines
Application for Original Education Provider Certification (Form REC 3.86)
Application for Approval of a Real Estate Education Course (Form REC 7.33)
Application for Approval to offer the Commission's Update Courses In Person or via Synchronous Distance Learning (Form REC 7.34)
CE Extension Request (Form REC 7.18)
Order CE Deficiency List
Instructor Application for Original Approval (Form REC 3.76)
Prelicensing & Postlicensing
Policies & Procedures Disclosure Template (PPD) (Replaces the School Bulletin Template)
Instructor Application for Original Approval (Form REC 3.76)
Private Education Provider Performance Bond (Form REC 3.85)
Education Director Designation (Form REC 3.79)
Postlicensing Education Waiver Request (Form REC 2.18)
Summary Report (Form REC 3.72)
CE Sponsor Checklist
Consent to Service (Form REC 1.03)
Guidelines for Instructional Educational Requirement (Form REC 3.78)
Instructor Video Guidelines
Teaching Skills Criteria