BIC Course FAQs

BIC Course FAQs




How can I register for the 12-hour BIC Course and what is the cost? Registration for the 12-hour BIC Course is available on the Commission’s website under Education. The registration fee is $110.


Where is the 12-hour BIC Course held? Effective October 2019, the Commission's 12-hour BIC Course is comprised of two segments, an 8-hour online prerequisite segment and a 4-hour live instruction segment. Both segments must be completed within the same 120-day period.

Brokers will register for both segments of the 12-hour BIC Course at the same time, and the registration fee will be $110. During registration, brokers will choose from a list of available 4-hour sessions. The 4-hour sessions will be offered in a live classroom environment in Raleigh and in a ❝live online❞ environment. Participation in a live online session requires use of a webcam, microphone, and audio.

Within 1-2 business days following registration, a broker will be sent a link to the 8-hour segment. The email will be sent from “RECampus,” and the sender’s email address will be

The 8-hour online segment is a self-paced course, but it must be completed within 30 days of registration. A broker who has not completed the 8-hour online prerequisite segment will not be permitted entry into the 4-hour live segment.

Brokers who register for the 4-hour live online sessions are required to participate in a pre-course orientation meeting, Noon-12:15pm (Eastern) on the day of their scheduled course session, to test connectivity and technology.


If I am registered for the 4-hour segment of the 12-hour BIC Course but realize a conflict with the course date, may I reschedule or is my fee forfeited? Registration fees are nonrefundable. As a courtesy, the Commission allows brokers to reschedule the 4-hour segment one time without forfeiting the original registration fee, provided they do so in advance of the scheduled 4-hour course and provided there is an available future session. A “Reschedule Course” option is provided on the BIC Course Registration page on the Commission’s website.

If a broker attempts to reschedule the 4-hour segment a second time, a new registration fee will be required.

Note: The one-time reschedule is offered only as a courtesy. It is not guaranteed. If a brokers needs to cancel his/her original course date and there are no seats available in future sessions, the broker will have to cancel the course and register again in the future (and will have to pay the registration fee again in full).


Do I need to take the 4-hour Trust Account course if I am taking the 12-hour BIC Course? If you or your firm plans to maintain a trust account, the Commission strongly recommends you take the 4-hour Trust Account course in addition to the 12-hour BIC Course. You may register for the Trust Account course on the Commission’s website. The Trust Account course does provide CE Elective credit.


I currently hold BIC Eligible status. Do I have to retake the 12-hour BIC course if my license expires or goes inactive? Yes, if you wish to regain BIC Eligible status. However, your license must be returned to current, active status first. Refer to Rule 58A .0110.


I am a nonresident. Do I have to take the 12-hour BIC Course in order to obtain BIC Eligible status? Yes.