BIC Course FAQs

BIC Course FAQs




How can I register for the 12-hour BIC Course and what is the cost? To register for the 12-hour BIC Course, go to The 12-hour BIC Course does provide CE Elective credit.


Where is the 12-hour BIC Course held? The 12-hour BIC course is a distance course, meaning it is a self-paced, online course.


Do I need to take the 4-hour Trust Account course if I am taking the 12-hour BIC Course? Commission rule 58A .0110(g)(9) dictates that “(g) A designated BIC shall: complete the Commission's Basic Trust Account Procedures Course within 120 days of assuming a trust account in accordance with G.S. 93A-6(g).”

To register for the Basic Trust Account Procedures Course, go to The Trust Account course does provide CE Elective credit.


I currently hold BIC Eligible status. Do I have to retake the 12-hour BIC course if my license expires or goes inactive? Yes, if you wish to regain BIC Eligible status. However, your license must be returned to current, active status first. Refer to Rule 58A .0110.


I am a nonresident. Do I have to take the 12-hour BIC Course in order to obtain BIC Eligible status? Yes.