2021 Educators Conference

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This year, there are two ways to attend the Educators Conference.

  1. Attend the virtual conference event on March 23, 2021, via Zoom.
    The conference schedule will be 8:30am-4:00pm. Registration will be limited to 150 participants. Registration fee: $50 per person.
  2. Complete the distance course.
    All presentations on March 23 will be recorded. The recordings will be repackaged and transformed into an interactive, self-paced distance course. Registration will open in early April. Registration fee: $50 per person.


The March 23 event will be delivered via Synchronous Distance Learning (Platform: Zoom). Webcams, microphones, and speakers are required.
Registration: 8:00AM - 8:30AM
Conference: 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Lunch: 11:15AM - NOON
Seats Remaining: 0
Registration for the 2021 Educators Virtual Conference on March 23 is sold out. Don’t worry…you will be able to view all the conference presentations by taking the self-paced online course that will be posted soon after the conference. Watch for details.

Every registrant will be assigned to a moderator. One week before the conference date, you will be provided the name of your moderator and instructions as to how to log into the conference and connect with your assigned moderator.

Registration Fee: $50

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  1. a webcam, microphone, and speakers are required;
  2. I will need a strong, consistent internet connection to stream audio and video in both directions, and that this may require me to plug a hard-wired connection into a modem, and take this course from a location where I do not have to share bandwidth with many other users;
  3. there will be times when I am asked to type, read and watch, so I must be able to clearly see the full screen and access a keyboard at the same time;
  4. I will be required to turn on my camera and leave it on for the duration of the conference;
  5. if I miss more than 15 minutes of the virtual conference, I will not receive instructor development credit; and
  6. I will be removed from the conference if I login from a moving vehicle.

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