Postlicensing FAQ's

Postlicensing FAQs




What are the Postlicensing courses? Post 301-Broker Relationships & Responsibilities, Post 302-Contracts & Closing, and Post 303-NC Law, Rules & Legal Concepts. Course syllabi are available on the Commission’s website.


Do I have to take the Postlicensing courses in a certain order? No. Postlicensing courses may be taken in any sequence. However, the Commission recommends that you follow the course number sequence (301, 302, & 303), as course materials were developed with that sequence in mind.


When do I have to complete the Postlicensing courses? PBs must complete all 3 Postlicensing courses within 18 month of initial licensure to retain eligibility to actively engage in real estate brokerage.


Can I get CE credit for Postlicensing courses? No. Postlicensing courses do not provide CE credit.


Are there course exams in Postlicensing courses? Yes, and you must pass the course final examinations to pass the courses.


What happens if I don’t take the Postlicensing courses before the deadlines? If you do not timely complete Postlicensing education, your license will be placed on inactive status. You may NOT perform any brokerage activities or collect brokerage fees (including referral fees) while your license is Inactive. Refer to 58A.1902.


Where can I take the Postlicensing courses? The courses are offered by the same Education Providers (EPs) that conduct the Prelicensing course. A list of certified EPs is provided on the Commission’s website.