Apply For a License

Application Process Overview

Any person or business engaging in real estate transactions as an agent for another (including time share transactions) must first obtain a license from the Commission.

The process for obtaining a license:

  1. Applicant successfully completes North Carolina’s 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course.
  2. Applicant submits a license application with application fee and required documentation
  3. Commission determines applicant's eligibility for licensing examination. If applicant is deemed to be qualified, Commission sends a "Notice of Examination Eligibility."
  4. Applicant contacts testing service to schedule examination and pay examination fee.
  5. After applicant passes the examination, Commission determines whether applicant possesses the requisite "character" for licensure.
  6. Commission issues license to qualified applicant.

Additional Information

Application Forms

The Commission’s online application system may be used to apply for a broker license by examination or for reinstatement of a license. It may also be used by an applicant applying for a license based on holding a license in another jurisdiction.

An applicant who holds a current real estate license in another state (or U.S. territory or Canadian jurisdiction) that has been on active status within the previous three (3) years and that is equivalent to NC's provisional or "full" broker license may...

waive the 75-hour North Carolina Broker Prelicensing Course as well as the National section of the North Carolina real estate license examination AND


pass the State section of the examination and be issued a NC real estate broker license in a status equivalent to the status in the other jurisdiction


waive the State section of the examination, be issued a NC real estate broker license on provisional status, and be subject to the NC's postlicensing education requirement.

Please note that provisional brokers who applied for a NC license based on licensure in another jurisdiction and who opted not to take the state section of the license examination are NOT eligible for any waiver of Postlicensing education.

For a full explanation, please refer to page 6 of the Commission's application booklet: Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina.

This form is not meant to be printed. If you have already completed the form please use the submit button at the bottom to send the form directly to the Commission.