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  1. General Instructions. Licensees on active status wishing to obtain an extension of time to satisfy the continuing education requirement must make application on this form. The extension request must be received by the Commission on or before June 10 of the license year for which the extension is sought for consideration of the request, including review of all supporting documentation and such verification of information as may be necessary. Applicants are referred to Commission Rule 58A.1709 regarding “Extensions of Time to Complete Continuing Education,” which is reprinted on page 2 of the printable form.


The Commission approved an automatic extension of the June 10, 2020, CE deadline earlier this year. Any broker who did not complete all 8 hours of CE by June 10, 2020, must take CE elective courses between July 1-September 30, 2020, to make up the missed hours, even if the missed hours included the Update course. Read more about the extension here.

CE elective courses are offered in variety of formats – in-person, via synchronous distance learning (aka, “live online” instruction using Zoom or similar technologies), or via distance courses (self-paced online courses).

To search for in-person and “live-online” CE elective courses, click here.

To search for providers that offer self-paced online CE elective courses, click here.

Extensions of the 2019-20 CE deadline beyond September 30, 2020, will be granted only under the following conditions:
  1. a complete request form is received by the Commission by 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2020;
  2. the broker’s license is on active status as of September 30, 2020; and
  3. the broker has/had an incapacitating illness, military deployment, or other circumstance that existed for a portion of the 2019-20 license period and that constituted a severe hardship that prevented the broker from completing CE during that period.
The conditions under which requests are approved based on “other circumstance” are rare. For example, extensions will not be granted to brokers who prefer in-person instruction but have not had access to in-person classes due to restrictions on gatherings. If, however, a broker has not had access to in-person classes AND the broker does not have access to internet service that would enable the completion of live-online or self-paced online courses, then a request for extension may be granted.

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