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  • North Carolina Real Estate Manual
  • Working With Real Estate Agents
  • Questions & Answers on: Home Inspections, Earnest Money Deposits, Offer and Acceptance, Real Estate Closings and Owning Vacation Rentals
  • Residential Square Footage Guidelines
  • Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules
  • Broker-in-Charge Guide
  • Real Estate Agent Safety Guide

Real Estate Manual

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Free Publications

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  • The North Carolina Real Estate Commission brochure may be viewed online.
  • Guide to Contacting the Commission may be viewed online.
  • Residential Square Footage Guidelines may be viewed online.
  • Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina may be viewed online.
  • The North Carolina Real Estate Commission Bulletin may be viewed online. Current and past issues are available.
  • The North Carolina Real Estate Agent Safety Guide may be viewed online.

Residential Property Disclosure Form

G.S. 47E requires owners of residential real estate (single-family homes and buildings with up to four dwelling units) to furnish purchasers a property disclosure statement. This form is the only one approved for this purpose.

Q&A Brochures

The Commission publishes informative brochures to view online, download, or print. You can also order them in quantity. Titles include:
Working with Real Estate Agents

English - HTML, PDF, PDF(brochure format), PDF (print as 8.5X14 legal size) Spanish - PDF, PDF(brochure format).

Fair Housing

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format) Spanish - PDF, PDF(brochure format).

Renting Residential Real Estate

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format) Spanish - PDF(brochure format).

Tenant Security Deposits

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format) Spanish - PDF, PDF(brochure format).

NC Military Personnel Residential Lease Termination

English - PDF(brochure format)

Home Inspections

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format)

Residential Subdivisions and Planned Communities

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format)

Condos and Townhouses

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format)

Purchasing Coastal Real Estate

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format)

Earnest Money Deposits

English - PDF(brochure format)

Closings Brochure

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format)

Offer and Acceptance

English - PDF, PDF(brochure format)

Owning Vacation Rental Property

English - PDF(brochure format)