Update Course/BICAR/BICUP Topics

Significant topics from the Commission's annual update courses are available in alphabetical order below. New courses are added when completed. Click on any of the files below to read the text. Right click and select 'Save As' to download any file to your computer.

Advertising Issues 2013-2014 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Advertising and Syndication 2013-2014 Update Course

Agency Disclosure and Agreement Requirements 2009-2010 Update Course, 2007-2008 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review Course

Alternate Financing 2011-2012 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Broker-In-Charge Alerts 2016-2017 GenUP/BICUP

Broker-In-Charge Reminders 2017-2018 BICUP

Compensation Disclosures to Buyer from Dual Agent 2011-2012 Broker-In-Charge Annual Review

Compensation Issues 2009-2010 Broker-In-Charge Annual Review

Contract Formation and Negotiation 2013-2014 Update Course

Court Cases 2013-2014 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Disciplinary Cases & Red Flags 2010-2011 and 2012-2013 BICAR

Disciplinary Procedures 2010-2011 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Dual and Designated Agency 2009-2010 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Electronic Signatures and Documents 2014-2015 General Update

Employment Issues 2012-2013 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Fair Housing Review 2013-2014 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Green Building 2012-2013 Update Course

Handling Complaints 2015-2016 Broker-in-Charge Update Course

Handling Trust Monies 2015-2016 Broker-in-Charge Update Course

Lead-Based Paint Renovation Requirements 2011-2012 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Lending Laws and Loan Fraud 2008-2009 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

License Law Changes 2012 /2012-2013 Update Course (BPO, exam, reciprocity)

Material Facts 2008-2009 Update Course

Mortgage Acts & Practices (MAP Rule) 2011-2012 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Permits 2012-2013 Update Course

Protecting Consumers' Confidential Information 2017-18 GENUP

Radon 2017-18 GENUP

Record Retention Requirements 2012-2013 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Rules Revised 2014-2015 General Update

Safety 2015-2016 GenUP/BICUP

Selected Broker-in-Charge Topics 2014-2015 Broker-in-Charge Update

Selected Property Management Issues 2017-18 GENUP

Short Sales 2011-2012 Update Course

Subdivision Street Disclosure 2014-2015 General Update

Summary Ejectment 2012-2013 Update Course

Surveys and Confidentiality 2013-2014 Update Course

Teaming Up 2016-2017 GenUP/BICUP

The 4 S’s: Septic, Streets, Underground Storage Tanks, & Square Footage 2016-2017 GenUP/BICUP

Selected Property Management Issues 2009-2010 Update Course (Licensing Requirements; Trust Account Issues)

Selected Property Management Issues 2011-2012 Update Course (Property Management Agreements; Disposal of Tenant's Personal Property)

Selected Property Management Issues 2014-2015 General Update Course

TRID 2015-2016 GenUP/BICUP

Trust Account Management 2010-2011 Broker-in-Charge Annual Review

Updates, Reminders & Resources 2016-2017 GenUP/BICUP

Vacation Rental Sales 2015-2016 GenUp/BICUP