To protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions.

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To protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transactions.

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NCDOT Facilities Management and Right of Way Units – Disposal of Residue Property:

As previously noted here, NCDOT is launching a pilot program to reduce its inventory of residue property in accordance with Section 2.(b) of House Bill 501 ratified in the 2017 legislative session of the North Carolina General Assembly. As part of this program, NCDOT is now actively seeking North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Brokers, North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Auctioneers and North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Auction Firms to assist with this effort.

As a result of Session Law 2015‐241, the Department was required to catalog all remnant (i.e., residue) property eligible for sale and to disseminate information to members of the general public about the process for placing a bid or offer on the remnant property. This information may be found at the following link:

In addition, the April 1, 2016 “Right‐of‐Way Acquisitions/Reduce Remnant Property” report provided to the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee and the Fiscal Research Division is available for download in its entirety at the NCDOT web link above.

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