Broker-in-Charge Declaration

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  1. Click this link for the qualifications and responsibilities of a Broker-in-Charge (BIC). Please review these carefully.
  2. If your firm has more than one office where real estate brokerage activities are conducted, submit a separate BIC Declaration form for each office.
  3. If you are replacing a BIC, any/all brokers currently affiliated with the BIC you are replacing will be removed from that BIC’s supervision and re-affiliated with you. If you do not wish for brokers to be affiliated with you, please notify the Commission in writing as to how the brokers should be handled. To do so, send an email to
  4. For initial designation, brokers must complete the Commission’s 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course within three years prior to or 120 days following designation as broker-in-charge.
  5. SPECIAL NOTE: If you have lost BIC-Eligible status, then before you submit this form to re-declare as BIC, Commission Rule 58A .0110 requires you to complete the following steps in the prescribed order:
    1. Take the necessary steps to return your license to active status, i.e., pay reinstatement fee and/or complete required education:
    2. Submit the License Activation form (REC 2.08):
    3. Complete the Commission’s 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course: and
    4. Submit this BIC Declaration form (REC 2.04). (Note that you must have the experience required for initial designation.)
  6. If you do not receive a Notice of License Record Change within 10 business days after filing this form, contact License Services at 919-875-3700.

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I certify to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission that I have been duly designated by the Qualifying Broker of the real estate firm shown herein to serve as broker-in-charge for such firm at the office listed and that I have the experience required for such designation. I further certify that I shall carry out my responsibilities as broker-in-charge for such office in accordance with the Commission’s rules, that I shall directly supervise any and all licensed real estate provisional brokers working from such office, and that I will continually maintain my license on active status.

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