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The North Carolina Real Estate Commission members and its staff are deeply saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd, and far too many other people of color. We grieve with our fellow Americans and with people across the world over these senseless losses. These deaths, and the resulting protests, have affected all of us in some way and have shown the importance of compassionate and open discussion about issues of racial inequities.

Those involved in real estate brokerage are a diverse community. The Commission is committed to the principles of excellence, fairness, and respect for all people. It is our goal to ensure that brokerage activities are conducted in fairness to all, to ensure equal housing opportunities, and to end discrimination in the sale or rental of all real estate. Everyone should feel safe in their communities and should feel and be free from discrimination.

We stand with those who seek equal justice for all and will do our part to encourage and support our community in making necessary changes to make sure racism and disregard for the dignity of people of color become a part of our history and not our present. We vow to listen, learn, and work with others to promote equality, inclusion, and acceptance.

The Commission is committed to examining its rules to ensure that they address discriminatory conduct and to being a leader in moving the industry forward. Please help us better understand the experiences you have faced as a real estate broker or consumer around racism or other discrimination in your real estate transactions by contacting us and/or filing a complaint. We cannot stress enough the importance of providing us with this information. Complete the form below or file a complaint

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