Schools and Sponsors

Annual CE Sponsor/Course Renewal Available on the Web

You can renew CE Sponsor Courses electronically by logging into the CE Sponsor system and selecting the "Renew CE Sponsor Course(s)" option on the menu.

Transmit Continuing Education, Postlicensing, and Prelicensing Data

Schools may upload data to the Commission online for licensees who have completed continuing education, postlicensing and/or prelicensing courses by going to the links below. You must submit CE and postlicensing data separately.

To Report Continuing Education Courses

To Report Postlicensing Courses

To Report Prelicensing Courses


Rosters of new licensees and exam candidates can be ordered below or by using the "Forms" tab. The roster files contain names and addresses formatted as comma separated values.


A list of Commission-approved schools offering real estate prelicensing and postlicensing courses is available below in PDF format.

License Examination Performance Report by School

This report shows the performance of the North Carolina real estate license examination by school for candidates taking the examination for the first time during the reporting period. This report only includes candidates who took the license examination for the first time within 180 days of completing a prelicense course at a listed school.

Continuing Education Schedule

Schools offering CE can enter their courses online. The data will be automatically submitted, received, and updated on the CE schedule. A school may enter a schedule for approved courses below.

Continuing Education Distance Education Providers

Click here to view a current list of Distance Education Providers.

Broker Prelicense Course Syllabus

Click here to view the Broker Prelicense Course Syllabus.

Postlicensing Course Syllabi

  • To view the Broker Relationships and Responsibilities Course Syllabus, click here.
  • To view the Contracts and Closing Course Syllabus, click here.
  • To view the Selected Topics Course Syllabus, click here.