Postlicensing Education

These guidelines are provided as information for all Provisional Brokers regarding their postlicensing education requirements. If you are a Provisional Broker, check your license status on your pocket card and then click on the link below that applies to you to obtain detailed information about your educational requirements:

  • PB - Initially licensed as a "provisional" broker on or after April 1, 2006.
  • PBT - Initially licensed as a salesperson before October 1, 2005 and converted to "provisional" broker on PBT status on April 1, 2006.
List of schools approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to offer postlicensing courses.

Commission Rule 58A.1905 defines criteria for waiver of the postlicensing education requirement. You can request a waiver by submitting a Postlicensing Education Waiver and Equivalent Credit Request form. Please note that provisional brokers who applied for an NC license based on licensure in another jurisdiction and opted no to take the State section of the license examination are NOT eligible for wavier of Postlicensing education.