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Key reports, issues, and decisions of interest to licensees and/or the public are reported here from the most recent Commission meetings:

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Commission Meeting of March, 2019

Pending Cases: The Commission accepted the permanent voluntary surrender of three licenses and voluntary surrender for 30 months of one license; entered into consent agreements to suspend three licenses and approve the issuance of a real estate broker license on provisional status to three applicants on certain conditions; ordered hearings involving 13 licensees; and reconsidered and closed cases involving five licensees.

License Applications Involving Character Issues: Applications for licenses from persons who have character issues such as prior criminal convictions or disciplinary action by another licensing board are separately reviewed by the Commission. Decisions are made based upon criminal background checks, information supplied by the applicant, and in-person interviews. Total candidates reviewed: 40; total approved: 34.

License Examination Results: A summary of key data relating to persons taking the examination for the first time is provided below:

Individuals Tested for the First Time

Took prelicense course

Hold license from another state

February 2019

March 2018 through February 2019

February 2019

March 2018 through February 2019

# Tested





% Pass both sections





% Pass National section





% Pass State section





Notifying the Broker-In-Charge of a Complaint Concerning a Dually Affiliated Broker: Regulatory Affairs Division staff recommends that when a broker is affiliated with more than one company and a complaint is filed against the broker for misconduct at one company unrelated to the broker’s conduct at another, staff will notify the broker-in-charge of the complaint at the unrelated company in the event disciplinary action is taken. The Commission concurred with this recommendation and suggested that staff include information about it in the BICUP Course.

Legislative Report: Staff reviewed with the Commission the Legislative Report and noted that the bill to combine real estate schools and instructors into certified education providers has gone to Bill Drafting but has not yet been introduced. Seth Palmer, NC REALTORS® Director of Political Communications and Regulatory Affairs, reported that NC REALTORS® is interested in bills concerning road maintenance agreements, private process servers, health insurance through associations, and land use, and that NC REALTORS® will likely promote a bill requiring mineral, oil and gas disclosure with the sale of vacant land.

Rulemaking: The Commission commenced a rulemaking hearing at 9:00 a.m. in the Conference Room of the Commission’s office. Commission Chair Anna Gregory Wagoner presided over the hearing during which Rulemaking Coordinator Melissa Vuotto directed the Commission’s attention to a summary of the proposed rule changes, the text of the proposed amendments published in the North Carolina Register, and the comments received. The Commission then received oral comments from those in attendance. A record of the rulemaking proceedings, including the hearing transcript and received comments, is available for public inspection by contacting the Commission’s Rulemaking Coordinator. The Commission withdrew from consideration changes to Commission Rule A .0105 pertaining to the relative size of broker, firm, and team names in advertisements. The Commission will vote on the remaining proposed rule changes at its April meeting.

License Examination Transition (AMP to PSI): Ms. Hamlin reported to the Commission that as part of the transition of the license examination from AMP to PSI, the number of questions on the national section of the exam will be reduced from 100 to 80, beginning April 1. The relative difficulty of the exam will remain the same, as will the time the candidate has per question.

Proposed Subject Matter for Rulemaking: Staff reviewed with the Commission new proposed subject matter for rulemaking, namely a revision to Commission Rule A .1705 concerning the Commission’s 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course. Upon the motion of Ms. Chandler, the Commission authorized the staff to proceed with the rule-making process.

Emerging Trends: The Commission discussed broker advertising on Facebook, a Forbes article concerning an attempt by a New York city council to regulate what real estate brokers are paid, and a Wall Street Journal article concerning the use and abuse of staging/photo editing technology in broker advertisements.

Report on License Numbers: The Commission was advised that as of March 1, 2019, the Commission licenses 108,409 brokers and firms, as follows:

Next Commission Meeting: The next Commission meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at Raleigh, North Carolina and is open to the public.