Commission Meeting News


Key reports, issues, and decisions of interest to licensees and/or the public are reported here from the most recent Commission meetings:

A PDF version is also available here.

Commission Meeting of January, 2018

Pending Cases: The Commission accepted the permanent voluntary surrender of two licenses and, voluntary surrender for a period of 10 years of two licenses; entered into consent agreements to suspend two licenses and reprimand four licensees; ordered three hearings; approved the issuance of three broker licenses on provisional status on certain conditions; and extended the time within which two licensees must satisfy the conditions of a Consent Order.

Educators Conference: Staff reported to the Commission preparations for the annual Educators Conference to be held March 27-28, at the Embassy Suites in Cary. Registration is now open and the agenda is nearly final.

Legislative Report: Staff reported that although the legislature convened, it is not currently moving forward on legislation of note to the Commission.

Possible Spot Inspection Waiver Program: Staff reported that consideration is being given to a possible Spot Inspection Waiver Program whereby licensees could opt out of random or spot audits not generated by complaints if they file certain documents with the Commission showing trust account compliance. Materials are to be provided to the Commission in advance of the February meeting to allow for a more in-depth discussion at that time.

Online Rental Companies’ Requirements of Licensed Vacation Rental Managers: The Commission authorized the Regulatory Affairs Division to research current practices of online rental management companies and to explore whether and how other states are addressing them in terms of licensing and complaints and whether adjustments might be needed to the Real Estate License Law or the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act.

December License Examination Results: The Commission reviewed and discussed the License Examination Results Summaries setting out the passing rates for the license examination for the January 2017 – December 2017 period. A summary of key data relating to persons taking the examination for the first time is provided below:

Individuals Tested for the First Time

Took prelicense course

Hold license from another state

December 2017

January 2017 through December 2017

December 2017

January 2017 through December 2017

# Tested





% Pass both sections





% Pass National section





% Pass State section





License Applications Involving Character Issues: Applications for licenses from persons who have character issues such as prior criminal convictions or disciplinary action by another licensing board are separately reviewed by the Commission. Decisions are made based upon criminal background checks, information supplied by the applicant, and in-person interviews. Total candidates reviewed: 35; total approved: 17.

Report on License Numbers: The Commission was advised that as of January 1, 2018, the Commission has 103,459 brokers and firms, as follows:

Next Commission Meeting:The next Commission meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, February 14, 2018, at Raleigh, North Carolina and is open to the public.